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Coup got a HIT at the Doberman Specialty on April 12 2013 and he finished
his Championship with a Best of Opposite. He also finished his Rally Advanced
title at Dumbbell Obedience Trial April 27 2013.












 JUNIOR HANDLERS: Christine Collins with Candy, Matea Markusi with Roxy and Rachel Driedger with Triple









  Heather Elrick with Ch. Windrock Calico Sue, who won High Aggregate Score in Rally on Saturday April 14.









  Heather Vanoene with three Rally competitors: Meriglen Gracie Mae, Clossongrey Truffle Hunter and Ch. My High Tea at Jollygaze.









 OH CANADA!  2011 Zoom & Ward:  The first Canadian team to EVER win the NOI.

The multi-colored ribbon is the NOI Champion ribbon

The blue ribbon is for #1 Sporting Group

The medal around Zoom's neck is for #1 Golden Retriever 

The trophy for NOI Champion is crystal mounted on a wooden base


We arrived in Orlando several days early so both Zoom and I could adjust to the three-hour time difference.  Prior to the actual NOI competition, there were trials held at the same location as the NOI.  We competed Wednesday and Thursday and decided to rest on Friday - Saturday and Sunday was the NOI.  On both Wednesday and Thursday we won High in Trial and High Combined against some of the top teams in the USA.  The entry was very large with 48 showing in Open B and 56 showing in Utility B.  - we received 109 OTCh points in the two days.  After our wins at these two trials I was confident that we were about as ready as we would ever be for the NOI.


The NOI was held Saturday and Sunday and consisted of eight rings with two or three exercises from Open or Utility Classes in each ring.  The exercises in each ring varied from Saturday to Sunday.  The scores were posted throughout the day.  At the end of day one, we were in the lead 21/2 points ahead of Kathy Platt - last year's NOI Champion.  On the second day our lead over Kathy varied from 11/2 - 3 points as we went from ring to ring.  Posting of scoring was halted with two rings to go - nobody knew for sure who had won.  When they made the presentations Kathy was named as first runner up - so . . . .


I was waiting to hear my name. but the announcer simply said, "Oh Canada".  I was, indeed, very proud to be a Canadian.  Final placements were Zoom and I as NOI Champions, Kathy Platt as first runner-up (she has won twice before), 2nd runner-up was Dee Dee Anderson (former NOI winner) and 3rd runner-up was Kathy's husband Gary Platt.  Gary and Kathy represent the first husband and wife team to both place.  Zoom and I are the first Canadian team to ever win the NOI.  Dogs that win this prestigious event are given the title National Obedience Champion and are allowed to use the letters NOC before their OTCh title.  We're also the first team to ever be ranked #1 in Canada and also win the NOI.


The level of competition was extremely high and the sportsmanship shown by all exhibitors outstanding.  The presentation and several rounds of the competition can be seen on YouTube by searching: "Ward Falkner NOI 2011 Zoom".

                                                OUR SINCERE CONGRATULATIONS!








October 2011

Annette Kessler & Sassy earned their final leg in Utility.  

Congratulations to you. 










March 19th, 2011

As a relatively new member of the dumbbells club, I'm pleased to announce that my

15 mo old  yellow Labrador,  "Envercreek Koda Skywalker" earned his CGN title

at the Golden trials.  We had lots of fun and look forward to continued training and trials

Regards, Sue and Koda 









March 20, 2011 Golden Retriever Trials


Tamara Marlikowski (12) and Jemma (1 year) received 
Jemma's Pre Novice Companion Dog and is very proud of her dog.









March 20, 2011 Golden Retriever Trials 


Colleen Marlikowski and Kelly (6) received Kelly''s Novice Companion Dog Title.
Had a fantastic time and very proud of my dog.


February 19-20. 2011








Australian Cattle Dog, Deja Blu Mickey, finished his CD at Dumbbell Obedience Trials.

He's an SPCA rescue, about 3 years old, working under a Performance Event Number

Dumbbell Member: Karen MacLean




OTCh Titles Earned

March 19 & 20, 2011 GRCBC Trials

Tommy, "Makaila's British Invasion", got his OTCh at the Golden trials on Saturday. 

On Sunday he got his first leg of his OTChX passing Open with a 194 1/2 and

Utility with a 191 1/2.  Not bad for a 3 year old black Lab. 

Shirley North









TROPHY WINS                       


Golden Retriever Club of BC Trials

Cidel "Danny" Boy received the Dumbbell Obedience Club's High Score trophy.

Trial #2 Sat March 19th.  Open B 192.

Barb Hansen









March 19 & 20 GRCBC Trials

Millan, Ocean's Song of the Sandman, (18 month old Whippet)got his Rally Novice title @ Golden's trial.

Lesley Purewal







Feb 25th - 27th 2011

Louie & Yvonne got High in Class in Novice Rally, all three days at the Pot of Gold trial.
Louie now has his Rally Novice title







Whippets Working Their Rally Titles On Both Sides of The Border

Wylie finished his Rally Excellence at age 12 1/2 at the Vernon & District Kennel Club show

on July 3rd, and Percy finished his Rally Novice.  Both Whippets now have those respective

titles in both the US and Canada.

Janet Juzkiwa - July 11, 2010









Three of the Top Ten Obedience Dogs in Canada are Club Members.

Congratulations Folks!








TRACKING DOG Title Achieved
"William"  Ranzfel Going Concern, got his TD at the trial put on
by the English Cocker club of Canada for the National Specialty.
Tom & Stephanie Mackie 











Yipee !!  All 3 GSD's Passed "Luka", "Tag" & "Tissot"

and we didn't have to take home Lamb Chops for Dinner

Thanks to Judge/Tester Shelley Fritzke for such a great experience.

Heather Lawson - May 8, 2010














 Congratulations to Kelly & "Ever" - April 2010







NEW Rally -O and CD TITLES

Congratulations to Roland Belanger and "Tyler"

They achieved both their Rally Novice and Companion Dog titles

at the BC Golden Retriever Trials on the weekend of March 20 & 21, 2010. 









ZEUS celebrates his 10th Birthday today with his usual guests:

Sister XENA and good buddy TAZ.   He is doing very well and is

looking forward to his first trial attempt in Utility this March!

 - Vicky Olson (Very Proud Owner) -