March 6th, 2022

E-Transfer Payment Page

HOORAY!  You're almost done.  You've been directed to this page because you opted to pay via E-Transfer.  Please see the LIST below as a reminder of the amount required based on the submitted registration.  

BANK E-Transfers:  E-Transfers must be received within 24 hrs. of Registrations.

Please log into your bank website and complete your e-transfer following their directions. 


NOTE:  Any difficulties you encounter or have when doing an E-transfer will be with your bank not with Dumbbell or the registration forms.  We cannot help you with E-Transfers, except to recommend you attempt the E-transfer again or speak to your bank.

Canadian Kennel Club CGN = $40 per dog

American Kennel Club CGC = $40 per dog

ADD-on AKC CGC with CKC CGN = $10 for a total of $50

Do More With Your Dog Tricks Title = $25 per dog

Additional Tricks Levels = $15 per dog

ADD-On AKC Trick Dog Title = $15 per dog 

E-Transfer To:  Barb Smith

Email Address:  dumbbell.dumbbellobedienceclub@gmail.com

Security Question: Non required - account is auto deposit

Password:  Non required - account is auto deposit