HOORAY!  You're almost done.  Now we just need to finish up with your payment.  

Please see the 3 options to pay for FUN MATCHES below.  


PayPal can only be accessed from this page.  If you require printable instructions for E-Transfers & Mail In Cheques please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the PDF link


PAYPAL:  You do not require a PayPal Account.  You will have the option to pay via a credit card. Please follow the directions on PayPal.  A $2.00 service charge is applied by Paypal for each entry/transaction.

BANK E-Transfers:  E-Transfers must be received within 24 hrs. of Fun Match Registrations.

Please log into your bank website and complete your e-transfer following their directions.

E-Transfer To:  Barb Smith

Email Address:

Security Question: non needed account is auto deposit

Password: non needed account is auto deposit

CHEQUES:  Mailed cheques must be received within 5 days of registration. 

                                        1971 Ocean Wind Drive,

                                        Surrey, BC  V4A 9P2

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you start a payment process but then decide you'd like to use a different option to pay - No problem!  As long as you haven't completed the process for that payment option you can cancel it midway and begin again.  You will NOT affect your registration as that is a separate process.

Printable instructions for E-Transfers or Cheque payments to Dumbbell Obedience Club.