FUN Match - Training Time
(Novice, Open, Utility, Rally & Nose Work)


WHERE:  Cedarbrook Stables, 3564 224th Street, Langley, BC

We've gone digital with online Fun Match registration.  

How does it work?

  • Click on the SIGN UP! GENIUS BUTTON below

  • Click on the tab of the class you want (Novice, Open, Utility, Rally or Nose Work)

  • Scroll down to find an available time slot (first come basis)

  • Submit your registration

  • You will receive a Confirmation Email containing a link to the page for payment options.  Click on the link provided in this email and it will direct you to the payment page where you can choose your preferred method of payment 

    • E-Transfer

    • PayPal (No PayPal Account required - $2 additional service charge levied by Paypal)

    • Mail in Cheques (please note cheques need to be received within 5 days to hold your entry)


PRE-PAID Entries $10 - per entry per dog plus ring stewarding for 2 dogs                      
DAY OF: If space is available - $12.00 per dog plus ring stewarding for 2 dogs


1971 Ocean Wind Drive
                                 Surrey, BC
                                 V4A 9P2







We will be introducing a NEW Volunteer Signup for our Fun Match. Many hands

make for light work and any assistance our members can give is appreciated.

But in the meantime . . .


It's fall/winter training time again at Cedarbrook Stables and help is always needed for upcoming Fun Matches.

If you can help by taking a turn at judging the novice, open or utility rings it is greatly appreciated, plus judging comes with benefits.

CONTACT:  Vicky  Olson



In recent months there has been dog excrement left throughout the grounds after our matches. Over the ten years Dumbbell has been holding Correction Matches this has never happened before and we have never before had complaints.  Please be advised ALL ATTENDEES must clean up after their dogs.  ANYONE neglecting to do so will not be permitted to attend ANY Dumbbell matches, trials or workshops.  Facilities that allow us to work our dogs are few and far between.  We don't wish to spoil our relationship with Cedarbrook or any other facility so please STOOP & SCOOP and do your part to keep facilities tidy and our good name intact.




  • Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before your scheduled time

  • Please do your part and steward for at least 2 dogs when you are done

  • Bitches In-Season are not permitted on-site.

  • Corrections having a negative impact on other handlers and/or dogs will not be allowed 
    by the Dumbbell Obedience Club.

  • Correction Matches are not the place for major or harsh corrections.

  • Correction Matches are a means of presenting a trial setting for you and your dog.  We would
    like participants to conform to CKC Regulations with respect to collars and leashes wherever possible. 

  • The use of Electronic collars of any sort will not be allowed at Dumbbell Obedience Club Matches

  • Our helpers are volunteers, please be generous with your appreciation for their time

  • ALL ATTENDEES must clean up after their dogs. Anyone neglecting to do so will not be permitted to attend ANY Dumbbell matches, trials or workshops.