Articles & Library

Below you'll find a list of articles, club library and websites that may be of interest.  We're always looking for articles to add to our library.  If you have an article you would like to be considered for inclusion please 

CONTACT:  Heather Lawson




The following is a list of books that have been donated to the Dumbbell Obedience Club Library for member use.  If you are interested in reading a book or have a book or two for donation please

CONTACT: Stephanie Mackie


Purely Positive Training  - Sheila Booth
The Dog Who Loved Too Much  -  Dr. Nicholas Dodman
How To Teach A New Dog Old Ticks  -  Dr. Ian Dunbar
Dog Behovior  -  Dr. Ian Dunbar
The Evans Guide for Civilized City Canines  -  Job Michael Evans
The Complete Dog Training Manual  Bruce Fogle
Know Your Dog  -  Bruce Fogle
Pets and Their People  - Bruce Fogle
Dog Training Basics  -  Miriam Fields-Babineau
101 Essential Tips Dog Care
Successful Dog Showing  -  Robet and Jane Forsyth
My Smart Puppy  -  Brian Kilcommons
Good Owners, Great Dogs  -  Brian Kilcommons
The Dog Whisperer  -  Paul Owens
Travelling with Your Pet  -  Pro Plan
The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior  -  Clarence Pfaffenberger
Don't Shoot The Dog  -  Karen Pryor
Be Your Dog's Best Friend  -  John Rogerson
Training Your Best Friend  -  John Rogerson
The Art of Raising A Puppy  -  The Monks of New Skete
Expert Obedience Training for Dogs  -  Winifred Gibson Strickland
The Canine Good Citizen  -  Jack & Wendy Volhard

Ring Stewarding

Why be a Ring Steward?

Obedience Clubs are volunteer based and rely on their members to give of their time to put together and sponsor Obedience Trials, Sanction Matches and Correction Matches.  Ring Stewarding is an important part of the these activities, for without volunteer Ring Stewards, the clubs would not be able to sponsor such events and ensure the sport of Obedience Trials continues to thrive.           


If you are new to the sport of Obedience Trials, then Ring Stewarding is a terrific way to learn the ins and outs of trialing before you head into the ring.  As a Ring Steward you have an up close opportunity of watching experienced handlers in the ring and expanding on your own knowledge base.  It's also an opportunity to give back to a sport that gives us so much pleasure and fun when working with our dogs.


Ring Stewards are an extremely important component to having a well run trial.  However, many volunteers are reluctant to offer their assistance to Ring Steward because they're not sure what is expected.   We'd like to encourage all volunteers to take a look at the Ring Stewarding Outlines we have listed below.  Whether you choose to Ring Steward for Rally-O or Obedience you'll find detailed information listed below.  Become familiar with what can be expected of a Ring Steward and then take the plunge and volunteer.  We all have to learn to somewhere so don't hold back just because it might be your first Ring Steward assignment. We need our volunteer Ring Stewards.



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Rally Obedience Ring Stewarding

Obedience Ring Stewarding

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