Scent Hurdling


Welcome to Scent Hurdle Racing:

Dumbbell Obedience Club’s Newest Canine Performance Sport


Question: What do you get if you combine jumping (like Agility), retrieving the correct scented dumbbell (like Obedience) and two canine relay teams racing each other to see which one can finish first (like Flyball) ?

 Answer: a whole lot of fun for the dogs (who seem to love doing it) and for the handlers who seem to like the camaraderie that comes with doing a Team sport, and the chance to earn CKC recognized title. The Dumbbell obedience club sponsors two Scent Hurdling Teams and runs monthly tournaments. New dogs and handlers are welcome and can learn how to Scent Hurdle at the weekly practices held on Monday mornings at Cedarbrook

Obedience can participate in Scent Hurdle.
All dogs who are able to enter CKC Agility, Obedience &/or Rally.  The first team to successfully complete the course will be declared the winner of that heat.  The first team to win two heats will be considered the winner of the race.  Once one team has won two heats, the race is over.  If a team has a clean run, under 80 seconds, each dog on that team will earn points towards its title even if the team doesn't win the race.

Each dog must retrieve a specific scented and numbered dumbbell from a square dumbbell box, set twelve feet beyond the fourth hurdle on each course.  As each dog retrieves his handler's dumbbell, the dog immediately returns over the four hurdles to the handler and the next dog is sent to repeat the same performance until the fourth dog on the team has completed his run.

Scent Hurdle Racing is a relay race between two teams of four handlers, their dogs, and box loaders.  Each team races their dogs simultaneously over a series of four hurdles, spaced ten feet apart with two rows of hurdles spaced twelve feet away from each other.

Click on the link to our Club Facebook page to see what Scent Hurdling looks like.  Carol Jackson has posted videos and photos of our teams in action.


For more Information about Scent Hurdling with the Dumbbell Club Contact:

Stephanie Mackie


Phone: 604 530-1054

                                                         Dumbbell Scent Hurdle

                                  Trophy Winners 2016 - The Dynamos

Dumbbell Scent Hurdle Teams

Dumbbell Scent Hurdle Trophy - 2016